Groom Surprises Bride with Hilarious Dance Routine at Reception! [Watch]

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Every bride and groom knows that their first dance is a big deal. It’s something you either practice really hard for or something you totally just wing together, but either way, it’s always special and memorable as the first time you dance together as a newly married couple. One groom, however, took the dance to a whole new level by not taking it that seriously and the results are absolutely hilarious!

In an amazing video that has gone viral around the world, a local groom, Christiaan van den Berg surprised his unsuspecting bride Daniela with an incredible choreographed dance routine set to a medley of pop songs and he’s had everyone, including his bride, in total stitches! Dancing with his backup dancer groomsmen, one can only wonder how funny their rehearsals must have been when you see their tongue-in-cheek attempt at a boy band routine.

Christiaan definitely takes his role as lead dancer very seriously as he sashays (pretty well, mind you) to a host of some of the best pop tracks of the past 20 years including Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Fergie while his gorgeous bride crumbles into fits of laughter.

Take the hilarious video below:

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