Do Your Gym Clothes Affect How Hard You Work Out?


With winter just around the corner, we know it can be difficult to motivate yourself to be active. But did you know that your workout wear can affect your willingness to exercise and make you workout harder? Forgot that old T-shirt and worn out tights, this winter swop them out for a stylish workout wardrobe and you’ll be inspired to get active more often and for longer. Cotton On Body has shared some pretty fabulous data with us about how your workout gear can affect your workout.

Cotton On

Cotton On Body has released a new active wear range that will keep you stylish and help motivate you to be active during the winter season and along with their new collection they’ve released some pretty interesting stats. The idea behind the new collection is that when you look good, you feel good and so the new collection is all about ultra wearable items that can suit almost any occasion.

Cotton On

Cotton On realised that active wear is taking over wardrobes and heading to the streets and the workplace, with more and more women donning their active shorts and leggings in the office and 65% willing to spend as much on their active wardrobe as their non active wardrobe. And yes, believe it or not workout wear at work is becoming less of a faux pas and just under a third of women are wearing their active wear mixed with other fashion items in the workplace. According to Cotton On, a whopping 87% of women wear active wear outside of the gym and away from any form of exercise. But why? It’s simple really; it’s all about finding comfort and clothes that fit in with their active lifestyles.

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Heading back to the gym 23% of women said that bright active wear colours help lift their game while exercising while 80% of women said they need their active wear to be comfortable, first and foremost and 43% say they need their active wear to look good before hitting the gym. Check out the rest of the stats in this handy infographic below.

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