Haven’t Tried Rekorderlig Fruit Cider Yet? Here’s Why You’ll Love it! [Review]


While not exactly new to South Africa, Rekorderlig fruit cider is a bit of a new discovery for me. The unique Swedish cider is so different from the big brand apple ciders we have come to know here in South Africa and I must say, I was about to give up on cider all-together after I realised that most of the time I can barely get through one cider before growing tired of the taste. Luckily there’s a bit of a cider revolution going on in South Africa at the moment and while Rekordelig isn’t a local product it’s definitely helping to change the way South Africans think about ciders. I absolutely love craft cider – you know the kind that actually tastes like the fruit it’s made from – and this fabulous craft-style cider is a definite winner when in the cider game. If you’re yet to try Rekorderlig, here’s why I think you’ll absolutely adore it.


Rekorderlig offers discerning customers a full range of unique fruit ciders – including Strawberry-lime, Pear, and Wild Berry – and is blended with succulent pears and infused with the freshest fruit combinations to give each cider its own unique taste. I got the chance to try all three flavours and was struck by how flavourful and crisp each cider was. It was so refreshing to try a cider that actually tasted like the fruit it is claimed to be made from and I absolutely loved it. While quite sweet, the ciders are perfect for those who love fruity drinks. They’re incredibly refreshing and are the perfect drink to enjoy along with dinner or while sitting around the braai, having sundowners. My favourite flavour is definitely the Strawberry-lime which is even better when served with fresh mint leaves or real strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty experience.


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Something else I loved about the cider is that it’s the perfect drink to share with a friend or your special someone. The bottles are huge (500ml each) and can easily be shared amongst two if you’re wanting to take it easy. I split mine with the boyfriend and served it over ice in a tall glass – what a treat! Of course, these ciders would also work well as a welcome drink for guests at your next braai or summer lunch – just pour two or three into a large jug and serve with lots of ice and sprigs of mint for a delicious cocktail.

These yummy ciders will set you back about R42 per bottle at restaurants, bars and events and about R490 per case of 12 bottles at leading bottle stores around the country. You can also order it online from BottleShop.co.za. For more information say Hi to Rekorderlig South Africa on Facebook.

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