This Wine and Gin Cocktail is a Cocktail Hybrid Dreams Are Made Of! [Recipe]

Hendricks gin

I am OBSESSED with G&Ts! If there was ever a ‘trend’ that I have embraced and welcomed whole heartily it is the resurgence of the classic G&T. Better still, bars and restaurants are now taking it one step further with signature Gin and Tonic menus each one designed to complement the flavours of the gin in the perfect way. Of course, no one does unique pairings like Hendrick’s Gin so when we were offered the opportunity to develop a signature WomenStuff gin cocktail with Hendrick’s we jumped at the chance! The result is this unique wine and gin hybrid that will completely change the way you think about gin cocktails. With a dash of white wine, a splash of cucumber juice, and a tot of freshly brewed iced tea, this Belle Santé cocktail is all about embracing beauty, health, and good times.

Hendrick's gin
Marson from Hendrick’s Gin preparing the WomenStuff cocktail.

I’ve personally tried and tested this cocktail and it is nothing short of wow. How can it not be when it combines two of my favourite things – gin and wine? Here is the full recipe to follow at home. Keep in mind that this recipe was developed to perfectly complement the flavours in Hendrick’s Gin so for best results make sure you use Hendrick’s Gin when attempting this recipe.

Hendrick's Gin
The signature WomenStuff cocktail.

Belle Santé (beautiful health)


1 ½ shot Hendrick’s Gin
1 shot Cucumber Juice
1 shot Lavender & Camomile Tea
¾ shot Lemon Juice
1 ½ shot White wine (Sav Blanc)


Tea Recipe:

½ cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 stick lavender
Boil all ingredients until sugar is dissolved.
Let it cool and use.

To serve:

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Add Hendrick’s, cucumber juice, tea and lemon juice to a shaker and shake well.
Strain into a wine glass filled with ice.
Add wine and serve.

Glass: Wine glass
Garnish: Cucumber ribbon and Lavender

Get your bottle of Hendrick’s from for R449.

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