HIIT Harder, Train Smarter with G-Loves Wrist Wraps [Review]

G-Loves wrist wraps

I was born with delicate lady wrists… and while having delicate lady wrists is great when you’re buying bangles and trying to woo gentleman in the 1900s, they’re not so great when you’re trying to smash a HIIT workout. Whether I’m doing pushups, tricep dips, planks, or lifting dumbells, my wrists almost always seem to hold me back during an intense workout. After years of struggling through it, I’ve finally discovered a solution – G-Loves wrist wraps! Not just for CrossFitters and bodybuilders, wrist wraps have changed the way I work out – from the yoga mat to the HIIT studio my wrist wraps are right there with me through every sweat session.

I’ve been using my G-loves wrist wraps for over a month now and I’m all kinds of in love with them. If you’re new to the wrist wrap world but love hitting the gym then listen up because these supportive wonders are quite important for loads of different types of exercise. I use my G-Loves wrist wraps for everything from HIIT classes and functional training to yoga and boxing. They offer incredible support and I love that I don’t have to fall out of a plank, half-ass my chaturangas, or drop my weights because my wrists are hurting.

G-Loves Aloha wrist wraps
G-Loves Aloha wrist wraps.

While you may be really strong, joints like the wrists can take a lot of damage from extreme exercises which put a lot of pressure and weight on your joints. Doing one exercise for a prolonged period of time can severely damage your wrists over time and this can lead to pain, joint damage, strains and sprains, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist wraps offer support for your wrist joints during exercise, so they don’t move too much in one direction, helping you work out harder and improve your form at the same time.

One of the best things about G-Loves wrist wraps is that they’re functional and fashionable – the wraps come in a wide variety of funk prints and colours and give you that extra edge to take your workout to the next level. Wrist wraps protect the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms and help you stylish when doing it. I love wearing fun and stylish workout clothes so my pair of bright and colourful G-Loves Aloha wrist wraps fit in perfectly with the rest of my funky workout gear.

G-Loves wrist wraps

They’re super comfortable and using them is incredibly easy. Simply insert your thumb into the thumb loop on one end of the wrap and wrap the band around your wrist a few times until tight. You need to be careful not to tie them too tight, too low, or to lose, they need to cover the wrists and offer a good amount of support. Once they’re properly secured around your wrists, tuck in the thumb loop and you’re ready to go.

I’ve noticed a big difference working out with the G-Loves wrist wraps and would definitely recommend them to anyone who feels like they need a little more support in the gym. If you really want to take it up a notch you can match your G-Loves wrist wraps with a pair of G-Loves Gloves as well. Made from a lightweight and breathable, non-chafing slip-proof neoprene these gloves offer a hi-tech silicone grip that will not only enhance your performance but also offer added protection from gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses. After seeing just how great the wraps are I’m super excited to invest in a pair of G-Loves gloves now as well.

G-Loves Gloves

G-Loves wrist wraps are available online from the G-Loves South Africa website at R250 for a set of two wraps – shop the full G-Loves wrist wraps collection here. For more information say Hi to G-Loves on Facebook.


One lucky WomenStuff reader stands the chance to win a pair of G-Loves Gloves valued at R650!

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