How to Pick the Workout That’s Right for You!


Everyone has different fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight and centimeters, gain muscle, increase flexibility and decrease chances of injury, or even just to destress. The key to finding the exercise that works best for you is to determine your long-term goals. From there take a look at this handy infographic from 1Life to determine which exercise best meets your needs and will help you achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself.

Exercise types

Break a sweat on a bike, hit the road, or head up the mountain!

If you’re looking to get super fit then 1Life recommends spinning, cycling, running, hiking, or swimming. All of these types of exercise are excellent forms of cardio and will help you burn loads of calories.

Exercise types

Increase flexibility with dancing, yoga, pilates, and Nia.

If you’re looking to find your centre and focus on flexibility, toning, and relaxation then you’ll want to try signing up for a yoga, pilates, Nia or even Zumba. These types of exercise will help you burn calories but will also increase your flexibility and help you manage your stress levels a lot better.

Exercise types

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Build muscle with Crossfit, weightlifting, and aerobics.

If it’s muscle you want then it’s time to try something like CrossFit or Aerobics. These types of exercise will help you burn maximum calories but will help you gain muscle mass and tone at the same time.

Exercise types

Find out more 1Life and these different types of exercise here.

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