Milky Lane Launches Ice Cream Sandwiches – Here’s Everything You Need to Know! [Review]

It really is a great time to be alive. Food trends are hitting SA shores quicker than ever before and I’ve got to admit, one of my favourite foodie trends of the last year is definitely ice cream sandwiches. Yes, there’s no doubt, ice cream sarmies have taken South Africa by storm and if you’re looking for a more affordable family-friendly version of this delicious trendy treat then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Milky Lane has launched what they’re calling “NiceCream sandwiches” at various branches across the country. I popped into my nearest Milky Lane in Sea Point, Cape Town to try out their version of ice cream sandwiches – here’s how they measured up.

With 5 flavours to choose from including Vanilla Choc Chip; Lemon Meringue; Marshmallow & Smarties; Peppermint, Aero & Bar One; and Toffee, Banana, & Peanut Butter there’s a flavour to suit every taste bud with these new additions to the Milky Lane menu. Packed with drool-worthy toppings, the Milky Lane NiceCream sandwiches are a sight to behold. They’re large and in charge and look oh-so-inviting. When it comes to toppings these ice cream sarmies are a real winner of note.

Milky Lane NiceCream sandwich

The boyfriend and I ordered the Vanilla Choc Chip and the Peppermint, Aero & Bar One Milky Lane NiceCream sandwiches and were super impressed with them. The Peppermint, Aero & Bar One sarmie was nothing short of moreish and the boyfriend couldn’t stop telling me how great it was. It was a tough job getting him to share and offer me a bite but he eventually did and I loved it. It was super decadent and any chocolate lover would adore the combination of Peppermint, Aero & Bar One chocolate in one sweet treat. Just remember to take loads of napkins as eating this treat can get messy and you WILL have chocolate all over your face.

I was less impressed with my plain old Vanilla Choc Chip NiceCream sandwich and found it lacked the wow factor of the super chocolatey version. Thinking back I should have gone for the Marshmallow & Smarties option but I wanted to see how the bare bones version of the Milky Lane NiceCream sandwich faired against other ice cream sarmies I have had in the past. Unlike other fancy-pants ice cream sandwich spots, that use gelato and freshly baked gourmet cookies, Milky Lane just uses the same vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies in every NiceCream sandwich they make. The vanilla choc chip option at Milky Lane is a little too basic for my liking and it lacks the flavour punch that the other options on the menu offer. While it’s perfectly good choice, if you’re a plain old vanilla type of lass, I’d much rather opt for one of the more adventurous options next time.

Milky Lane NiceCream sandwich

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As for price, the Milky Lane NiceCream sandwiches start at R29.90 for the Vanilla Choc Chip and go up to R34.90 for the more adventurous flavours. The Milky Lane versions of the ice cream sandwich are extremely well priced when you consider that competitors are charging about R38 for an ice cream sarmie with toppings at an additional R5 each. Yes of course, these spots are serving gelato and gourmet cookies but if you’re more concerned about the toppings then Milky Lane is a definite winner.

For more information on the Milky Lane NiceCream sandwiches say Hi to Milky Lane on Facebook.

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