Nike Aims to Change the Running Game with New React Flyknit

Nike Epic React Flyknit

It seems that with every week that goes by, a sportswear company innovates, releases, or designs some new material or feature to incorporate into their products to offer customers an edge. Nike is arguably at the forefront of the tech innovation going into athletic and sports equipment, and they’ve come up with a new midsole foam that promises to enhance performance for the most demanding runners and it’s being used in the new Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoe.

The React foam used for the Nike Epic React Flyknit is different from conventional EVA-based foam used on many runners, in that it’s significantly softer and should provide much better cushioning. While that might just be a nice luxury for leisure footwear, it’s a necessity for runners that need their footwear to cushion harsh running surfaces as much as possible.

Another benefit to the React midsole (which essentially combines a midsole and an outsole) is that it’s a single segment of foam without any glue or joints that could result in areas of wear or separation. Due to the softness, the sole is relatively thick, but it fluctuates between firmer or softer areas across the sole depending on which area of the foot requires support.Nike Epic React Flyknit

Flyknit is a material that many sneakerheads and runners are now familiar with because of its implementation in a myriad of Nike’s products, and the breathable mesh makes an appearance Epic React’s one-piece upper as well.

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With this new shoes Nike has aimed to offer a running shoe that delivers on all fronts; a comfortable yet durable sole and a breathable and light upper, and it looks like they’ve achieved that.

Nike Epic React Flyknit is set to hit shelves on 22 February 2018 – price is still to be confirmed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The WomenStuff gear team is yet to review the Nike Epic React Flyknit. Click through to our Fitness section for more great fitness and gear news, reviews, and features.

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