Review: Back to Gym with the Falke Double Layer Face Mask

Falke Double Layer Face Mask

South Africa has officially moved to lockdown level 2, and gyms and fitness centres have finally been given the go-ahead to open. But, while we’re all excited to get back to our favourite gyms and fitness studios, we still need to ensure we take the necessary precautions to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. One such precaution is to wear a mask to the gym. But, with so many options on the market, finding out which mask is the best for exercise can be tricky.

Leading technical sock brand Falke released its double layer, moisture-wicking mask recently, and I was curious to see if it’s a great fit for my return to the gym. I put the Falke mask to the test over the last two weeks to figure out if it’s a good choice for gym lovers.

Falke South Africa is well known for its high-quality advance performance socks, so when I first heard that the brand had released a mask using the same tried and tested Falke materials, I was intrigued. Falke says the mask is “knitted from premium performance yarns with superior construction to ensure durability and a soft touch on the skin.” A double-layer construction allows for additional filters to be inserted for added protection while moisture-wicking properties help to ensure the mask stays dry even when sweating.

Falke Double Layer Face Mask

Available in three different sizes, kids, S/M and L/XL, to guarantee a comfortable fit, the mask is designed to fit snuggly over the nose and mouth to ensure it doesn’t budge when you’re breaking a sweat. The masks also come with the size and left and right indicators on the inside of the mask to ensure a perfect fit. I have a fairly small face, so I opted for the small/medium mask.

Straight out of the packaging the mask felt like it was too small but after wearing it a few times it stretched out to fit perfectly over my nose, mouth, and chin. To get the best fit you will have to ‘break-in’ the mask by wearing it a few times. The material is super stretchy so you could also spend a few minutes stretching it out by hand to get the right fit. It is worth mentioning that the sizes do run very small so if you’re in doubt get the larger size.


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I bought two Falke masks for this review and have worn them during both intense cardio and strength training sessions to really put it through its paces. During both cardio and strength sessions, the mask was incredibly comfortable and didn’t slip or ride up. The ear loops are very soft and gentle on the skin and the mask itself didn’t chafe or irritate my skin, as the material is incredibly soft. I was super impressed with the moisture-wicking properties of this mask. I used the mask for a full hour workout and the material stayed relatively dry throughout.

The Falke double-layer mask is ideal for exercise but its snug fit does make the mask better suited to strength sessions rather than high-intensity cardio workouts. If you’re ok with the mask sitting very snug against your mouth while running, this mask will be ideal for you but if you like a little more room to ‘breathe’ then you’re better off going for a bigger size or opting for a looser fitting alternative like a buff.

Available in black, white, grey and navy, the Falke double-layer earloop face mask is reusable and can be machine or hand washed up to 60 degrees with household detergent. The mask is priced at R35 each or R170 for a pack of 5 and is available online from the Falke website or from Sweat Shop stores.

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