Review: Challenge Convention with Puma’s Provoke XT Training Shoe

Puma Provoke XT

I’m not sure why but I’ve always been a big fan of training gear that stands out from the crowd. While I usually opt for classic styling and colours in my everyday wardrobe, at the gym I’m all about taking fashion risks. Forget plain black training shoes with neutral tights, when I’m working out you’ll find me sporting bold colours and prints with out-there designs. I especially love bold training or running shoes and Puma’s latest training shoe, the Provoke XT has got me all kinds of excited.

Designed to challenge the standards of conventional athletic design, this dynamic workout shoe gives you optimum performance on the inside, with a provocative style on the outside. While gym shoes come in all sorts of funky colours these days, one thing’s for sure, you’ve never seen a training shoe quite like this. But is this new offering from Puma the best training shoe for you? I slipped on a pair of Puma’s new Provokes to find out.

Puma Provoke XT

Puma says the Provoke XT was created for women who aren’t afraid to take risks and with its bold 80s-inspired design this shoe is truly a show stopper. An instant head-turner, the shoe comes in two colourways; white with pink details and black with gold details. The white colourway is my favourite and features an aggressive geometric midsole, bold tongue construction, a bright pink jewel piece in the midfoot and contrasting black jewel piece in the heel for stylish support.

But the Puma Provoke XT is so much more than just a fashion statement for fitness junkies, it’s one helluva training shoe to boot. That funky looking bright pink midfoot piece ensures you have a good secure fit and adds control and stability during your workouts. The Profoam midsole gives you lightweight cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout your sweat session. Lastly, the zoned outsole offers maximum traction and durability during training movements so you won’t slip or fall when you’re doing cardio moves on the studio floor (or rather your living room floor, now that we’re all forced to do at-home Zoom workouts).

Puma Provoke XT

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I’ve been wearing these training shoes during my HIIT and cardio workouts over the past month, and they’ve really impressed me. I love the secure fit you get with these, and they look ultra-cool too! While they do look a little bulky at first glance, once you slip them on they feel as light as a feather and you forget they are there during your workout, which is always the marker of a great gym shoe for me.

If comfort is key for you when working out then this new offering from Puma is sure to impress. As always, Puma’s Profoam knocks it out of the park comfort-wise. You basically feel like you’re wearing memory foam on your feet when you’re training in these and every jump, squat, or sprint feels like a breeze on your joints. I’d recommend these to any gym bunnies who are after a great fitting shoe with a funky edge.

The Puma Provoke XT retails for R1,700 on or at Puma Stores. 

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  • Hello Dear!
    I am currently looking for a good gym shoe that supports my weight well during weight lifting workouts, especially for deadlifts and squats. Have you been able to test them out with weights?
    I’d love to hear your opinion since I am still kind of on the fence.

    • Hi Ellena. Thanks for your comment. The Provoke Xts are super comfortable and do offer brilliant support for resistance and weight training. I’d definitely recommend them. Another option if you’re looking for a shoe for weight lifting I’d highly recommend looking at the Puma Zone XT training shoes as well. At the moment these are my favourite and I use them for resistance and weight training sessions 4 or 5 times a week. They’re super comfortable and offer great support during deadlifts and squats. I hope that helps!

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