Revive Dull, Lifeless Hair with Sorbet’s B-Perfect Treatment [Review]

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Full disclosure, I was a little bit addicted to Brazilian blow-dries for a while. I loved the freedom it gave me when dealing with my curly hair. Having super shiny, more manageable hair was like a dream come true for me but I started to get over the long, drawn-out process and after one too many Brazilians I started to notice a change in the structure of my curl. I don’t want to lose my curl completely but the problem with Brazilian blow-dries is that once you pop, you can’t stop and the thought of going back to a life with dull unmanageable hair is a scary one indeed. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Sorbet Dry Bar’s B-Perfect Treatment. The budget-friendly in-salon treatment takes just 30-minutes and leaves you with frizz-free, more manageable, and healthy looking hair for up to 4 weeks!

If, like me, you’re over Brazilian blow-outs, or just aren’t quite ready for a full keratin smoothing treatment, then this is the treatment for you. Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene, the B-Perfect treatment gives your hair a new lease on life. If your hair is looking dull and feeling a little dry and down in the dumps, then this treatment will help to plump up the hair, leaving it bouncy, unbelievably shiny, and feeling super soft. Hair is so much more manageable after this treatment, and it’s especially great for the summer months when you want your hair care routine to be a little more low-maintenance. What’s more, it also helps to strengthen your locks, treat damaged and dehydrated hair, and promote hair growth.

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The B-Perfect treatment is almost like a mini Brazilian blow-dry but, unlike a Brazilian, the treatment has no fumes and is a lot less intense on the hair. For ladies with curly hair, it will help to tame frizz while keeping your curl intact. The treatment is also a lot more affordable than a Brazilian or keratin treatment (try half the price more affordable!) and the results last for up to 4 weeks. B-Perfect works by reconstructing and aligning the hair fibres from the very first treatment and your results only get better the more you use the product. I’ve been for the treatment twice now and am officially hooked.

When I popped into Sorbet Dry Bar, Sea Point for my first B-Perfect treatment, my hair was not looking or feeling its best. I’d gone cold turkey on the Brazilian blow-outs and months of sweaty functional training classes and hot yoga had left my locks dry and lifeless. I was also a little worse for wear from a long work week and was in serious need of a pamper session. Luckily you can always rely on Sorbet to put the ‘treat’ in treatment! The beautiful souls at Sorbet offered me a glass of champagne and a plate of sweet nibbles as I arrived and that first bite of a cookie followed by a sip of bubbly helped to melt away the stresses of the week gone by.

B-Perfect Treatment

The treatment process itself is also quite pampering. With the super long process, getting a Brazilian can be a little torturous but the B-Perfect treatment is a real spoil. Before applying the B-Perfect treatment, the hair is shampooed to get rid of any product build up on the hair. Once the hair is sufficiently clean, the treatment is applied to the hair and covered with a super flattering plastic bag for 30-40 minutes (giving you more time to pig out on cookies and bubbles). The product is then rinsed off and you’re ready style however you like.

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The Sorbet B-Perfect treatment includes a signature blow-out and you can choose between a standard ‘Vanilla’ blow-out with volume, a sleek ‘Espresso’ blow-out or flat iron, or a big volume ‘Honey Comb’ blow-out. I opted for a bouncy ‘Vanilla’ blow-out with plenty of movement in the ends. Of course, just after my blow-out my hair felt soft and looked like a million bucks, but the results lasted way past my treatment day. For a month after the treatment my hair was crazy soft and looked incredibly healthy. It was also a lot easier to manage and I saw a real reduction in styling time at home.

B-Perfect Treatment
Before and after the treatment,

I loved this treatment so much I’ve already been back for my second fix at Sorbet Sea Point and I’m quite sure it won’t be my last. I just love the way my hair looks and feels after a B-Perfect session and I always get so many complements about how healthy my hair looks for weeks after having his treatment. I would highly recommend trying it out before a big event or special occasion if you want your hair to look its absolute best.

The B-Perfect treatment is priced according to hair length and is R465 for short hair, R565 B-Perfect for medium length hair, and R665 for long hair. For more information visit the Sorbet website and check out the Sorbet Dry-Bar treatment menu here

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