Spoon It!, SA’s First Edible Cookie Dough is Here!

Spoon It!

Making your childhood dreams a reality, Spoon It! edible cookie dough has just landed in South Africa. Even better news? You can have it delivered straight to your doorstep! Yes sure, edible cookie dough may sound like an obscure concept to those who aren’t familiar with the tasty treat but it’s actually been around in the USA for years and word on the street is, it’s the most addictive snack in the history of ever.

Based on the idea of dipping your finger into the unbaked mixture while baking (everyone’s done it!), Spoon It! stirs up nostalgic memories of baking with your gran and tasting whatever morsels of batter you could find. Of course, due to the health risks posed by using raw eggs in the cookie dough, raw cookie dough isn’t exactly safe to eat. Which is why a new edible dough recipe had to be formulated and that’s where Spoon It! comes in. The SA brand doesn’t include raw egg or baking powder in their recipes, making it perfectly safe to consume. Only wholesome ingredients such as heat-treated flour, butter, brown sugar and pure vanilla extract are used so there’s no chance of you getting sick.

Spoon It!With a wide range of mouthwatering flavours to choose from in the Spoon It! range you’ll soon find your favourite treat to curb those sugar cravings. The range currently offers eleven different flavours, all handcrafted to give you the sweetest experience possible. Flavours include Classic choc chip ( signature brown sugar cookie dough blended with crunchy dark chocolate chips), Funfetti cake batter (signature cake batter dough mixed with rainbow funfetti sprinkles), Dark choc mint treat (signature sugar cookie dough with chunks of After Eight Dark Mint chocolate), Cookies and cream (sugar cookie dough swirled with crushed Oreos and Hersheys chocolate), Peanut butter dream (signature peanut butter dough with chocolate chips and Reese’s pieces and peanut butter cups), and Nom nom nom -(peanut butter cookie dough with choc chips, M&Ms and walnuts).

Serving sizes available include a 175ml tub with 2 servings, 450ml tub with 5 servings, and a party pack of 21 100ml tubs with 3 gourmet flavours each, and prices range from R35 to R110 and between R140 and R425 for party hampers. Delivery is available nationwide at a flat rate of R80.

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For more information about Spoon It! and to place a delivery order, visit the Spoon It! website

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