Vegan eating has become popular all across the globe, and every day more and more people are choosing to go completely vegan. Choosing to go vegan is about more than simply wanting to stay free of animal products, such as milk, eggs, or cheese. It is about acknowledging the healing power of raw food, and all the magnificent gifts that mother nature provides for us.

Even people who aren’t fully vegan enjoy embracing veganism and the delicious food that has been inspired by the philosophy. Although, it’s also not hard to find inspiration in Cape Town! Innovative businesses and chefs continue to amaze us as they create brands and meals that capture the ethics of veganism, as well as tantalise your taste buds.

So, for all of you out there looking to treat yourselves to a mouthwatering vegan meal, here is a list of the top 10 vegan restaurants Cape Town provides!

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town

Whether you are a proud local in the Mother City, or if you’ve just flown in with one of the great airlines that stop here, like British Airways, here are the top 10 most unmissable vegan restaurants in Cape Town!

Pure Elixir Café

Pure Elixir Café

This bohemian-style vegan restaurant Cape Town has will blow you away with their massive selection of delicious pressed juices, fresh fruit smoothies, lassis, and coffees! You can choose which juicy fruits you want in your own personalized fruit smoothie, or create your own mixture of fruits in a pressed juice.

Pure Elixir Cafe’s food menu is not as varied as their impressive beverage menu, but each of the meals come in massive portions and will have you falling in love with the vegan food Cape Town provides.



Plant is a serene, beautifully decorated vegan restaurant in Cape Town which has received a lot of hype! It’s easy to see why, from the moment you walk in. The fresh atmosphere, open lay-out, magnificent menus, and indoor plants seem to welcome you in with open arms.

Plant makes every meal and beverage they serve from scratch, so you are guaranteed a true foodie with ingredients straight from their kitchen. They even make their own mayonnaise and cheeses!

Raw and Roxy

Raw and Roxy

Raw and Roxy has been lovingly birthed to life by Beatrice Holst. You can feel the love in all of the vegan food that is prepared in their chic kitchen! If you’re looking for the best vegan pizza Cape Town has, you will find it here.

Whether you are a seasoned omnivore or a fellow vegan, you will be seduced by the truly amazing variety of tasty raw food available! It is the passion behind Raw and Roxy that makes it one of the best vegetarian restaurants Cape Town offers.

Lekker Vegan

lekker vegan

With a catchy name and a strong culture built around their brand, Lekker Vegan does all vegans proud by bringing philosophies of veganism into the mainstream! Not only do they celebrate the ethics of this diet, but they celebrate the vast array of organic meals that can be made without the use of animal products.

Lekker Vegan is a great vegetarian restaurant Cape Town offers. With a trendy setting to get your hands on a hearty, delicious vegan burger, this is a must-visit vegetarian restaurant!

Soul Wholistic Center

Soul Wholistic Center

Enjoy food for the soul, at Soul. This vivacious Cape Town vegan restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere for you to sink your teeth into some freshly made wholefood meals! You will also have a chance to enjoy spiritual merchandise and an endless variety of books about enlightening perspectives on food.

This tranquil restaurant is famous for its vegan chickpea Rotis and vegan muffins! You can even come for one of the morning meditation and yoga sessions offered at Soul before enjoying a nourishing breakfast.

The Kind Kitchen

Kind Kitchen

From humble beginnings, The Kind Kitchen has stolen the hearts of so many and is now an established and truly remarkable place to enjoy vegan Cape Town cuisine!

Their menu provides such a vast variety of truly well-thought-out meals that combine all sorts of raw ingredients together to make masterpieces. This vegan restaurant in Cape Town is an absolute gem!


Scheckter’s RAW

Scheckter's Raw

When seeking out high-quality, gourmet vegan food in Cape Town, Scheckter’s RAW simply has to be visited! With a wide variety of delightful meals on the menu and a welcoming, upbeat vibe to go with it – you are bound to love this restaurant as much as we do.

Each meal is prepared with love and has a special touch of artistic flair in its presentation that will add a thrill to your dining experience.

Spirit Cafe

Spirit Cafe

Spirit Cafe is dedicated to capturing the spirit of organic food and good company! You will be welcomed with bright, colourful décor, friendly faces and a huge vegan menu. Treat yourself to a variety of freshly prepared food, and feel the goodness within each bite.

Take part in events and become a part of the ever-growing Spirit Cafe community.

The Sunshine Food Company

The Sunshine Food Company

The Sunshine Food Company makes meals that are not only amazing to look at, but are a real treat for the taste buds! Be sure to try out their amazing smoothies and fresh-pressed juices to get a dose of their sunshine.

This excellent vegan food can also be found at some festivals in Cape Town, so look out for the name.

Green & Vegan

Green and Vegan

This pop-up vegan restaurant offers a truly intimate dining experience in Cape Town. Run by Karen Fletcher and Patrick Knight from their home in Green Point, the eatery is the ideal place to gather for a meal with friends and family. The dishes on offer are strictly vegan everyone is welcome to visit their kitchen for a wholesome meal.

The eatery offers a rotating five-course menu, each with a different theme. Must-tries on the menu include the nut roast, accompanied by blanched asparagus and a corn purée and the vegan “cheeze” board.

Final Thoughts on Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town

Spending time eating out at one of these remarkable vegan restaurants is not only one of the best winter activities in Cape Town, it can be a very mind-opening experience. Eating at each of these restaurants will provide you will insight into the world of organic food, as well as enable you a chance to enjoy the medicinal benefits of truly healthy meals.

Vegan restaurants are awesome! We love how they not only give us tasty meals but nourish, educate and inspire us in the process. Cape Town has so much to offer everyone when it comes to dining, including a non-profit restaurant. The sky is the limit!

We look forward to keeping you up to date on all the best foodie spots in Cape Town.