Under Armour Launches Iso-Chill Gear to Keep You Cooler for Longer

Under Armour Iso-Chill

We’re all aware of water-resistant and sweat-wicking garment technology, designed to keep you cool and dry when you’re breaking a sweat.  But now, sports brand, Under Armour has unveiled a new type of garment technology — Under Armour Iso-Chill microfibre technology. The new technology promises to keep you cooler, so you can work out longer.

This game-changing technology made its début in late 2019 as a replacement for Under Armour’s CoolSwitch, a crystal technology that sent a cooling sensation back to the body once the garment tissue was activated by perspiration. The key difference between Iso-Chill and CoolSwitch is the introduction of the natural element Titanium Dioxide, which, unlike its predecessor, expels heat immediately from the body when touched.

Under Armour Iso-Chill

Talking fabric

By flattening out the fibres within their garments and adding Titanium Dioxide, Under Armour has released a fabric that quickly pulls heat away from the skin — thereby allowing the human body to continue for an extended period, at maximum capacity. The specially designed fibres lay flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat, literally providing a cooling sensation to the touch. The new Iso-Chill fabric will be used for garments in Under Armour’s Train and Run ranges.

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Optimum Performance

Top competitors will know that a minute variant can give you a competitive edge to make a podium finish, decide who wins and who comes in second. Under Armour says it has added Titanium Dioxide to its Iso-Chill Collection to absorb UV energy and quickly move heat away from the body. The exclusion of this concentrated heat allows the athlete to increase the max-out time and increase output in any hot, high-pressure situation.

Garments will be available in both the Run and Train category from Under Armour South Africa stores and online starting from the 20th of May for UA Run gear and beginning June for UA Train gear. The expected price range for South African shoppers will lie between R499 for an entry-level Run cap to R1,299 for an elevated pair of leggings.

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