Gourmet Takeaway Waffle Bar Brings Authentic Belgian Liege Waffles to Jozi! [Review]

Van De Waffle Rosebank

I’ve always said that Joburg needs more dessert bars – places you can go when you just want to skip the formality of lunch or dinner and go straight to the best part of any meal, dessert! Because, let’s face it, the best thing about being an adult is the ability to eat whatever you want whenever you want. Now that I’m all grown up I relish the fact that, if I wish to, I can have dessert for dinner. Better yet, I can have waffles for dinner! Six-year-old me would be so jealous. The great news for dessert lovers is that Joburg’s dessert and snack bar scene is quickly heating up and the arrival of Van De Waffle, a gourmet Belgian Liege waffle bar, has got me all kinds of excited for the future of dessert bars in Jozi.

Located in the food court at The Zone @ Rosebank, Van De Waffle is a kidult’s dream come true. Serving a range of authentic Belgian Liege waffles and other delicious goodies, this waffle stand in the mall is the best reason to visit The Zone since Maverick & Jane gourmet popcorn. The waffles are made using a special family recipe and imported pearl sugar and are exceptionally delicious. But how are these waffles different from your basic Wimpy variety? Well, first off, most of the waffles we eat in South Africa are made with pancake batter and these little bites of heaven are made with an authentic Belgian Liege waffle dough (trust me, you’ll taste the difference!).

Van De Waffle Rosebank

I popped into The Zone to try them out for myself a little while back and while I went for a pretty basic combination of ice cream and sprinkles I was blown away by how soft and fluffy the Van De Waffle creation was inside. And, as with all good waffles, there was just the right amount of crispiness on the outside. When coupled with the ice cream and sprinkles it was pure magic in my mouth. It’s hard to believe that waffles this good can come from a little stand in the food court but they really are some of the best Jozi has to offer. The waffles are made fresh to order and you’ll leave the stand with a deliciously warm waffle made just for you.

I was also super impressed by all the flavour combinations on the menu. You can either decide to go full rogue and create your own flavour combinations or choose from a variety of menu options. A basic Liege waffle will set you back R45 and you can then add things like sliced strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and more at R5 a pop. A scoop of vanilla ice cream will set you back R7. If you want to try their flavour combinations then you can choose from creations like the Prince of Liege (chocolate sauce, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sprinkles – R60), De Manneke (mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles – R60), and J.C Van Damme (Bananas, speculoos, whipped cream/ice cream, and chocolate sprinkles – R60).

Van De Waffle Rosebank

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The Van De Waffle creations are served to-go in a special takeaway box along with a plastic knife and fork. You can sit at the counter next to the stand to enjoy your dessert or simply take it with you on a walk around the mall. I devoured mine in the car because I’m classy like that.

Find Van De Waffle at the Zone @ Rosebank, upstairs on the bridge near the food court, opposite Maverick & Jane gourmet popcorn. For more information say Hi to Van De Waffle on Facebook or visit their website.

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