Why 2017 Is the Year You Finally Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions.


New Year’s resolutions … a concept that we all know too well. It’s something we initially get overly excited about but tend to let fall by the wayside as it dawns on us that we might have set an unrealistic task for ourselves. For many people, New Year’s resolutions, revolve around the idea of losing weight and getting fit, combatting bad habits, or rebooting the mind to rid any negative thoughts and energy. For the last few years, my new year’s resolutions have looked pretty similar to this. And, although I’ve always been pretty conscious of my health, both physically and mentally, I’ve struggled to really see these goals through. But recently, it seems that the newest health and fitness trends around the world, and particularly in Cape Town, have shifted away from the usual repetitive and uninspiring methods of healthy living, towards ones that are more realistic. This is all due to the fact that people have become aware and conscious of a healthier lifestyle, that contributes to value and happiness to our daily lives. So, could it be that 2017 is finally the year that we achieve our New Year’s resolutions?

If you haven’t already caught onto the latest social media craze, then NEWSFLASH, 2017 is officially the year we all get our butts into gear. Of course, this isn’t exactly anything new, The health and fitness craze has been gaining momentum for the last couple of years – think wearable technology like FitBit, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) made famous by the likes of Kayla Itsines, or even the shift in healthy eating with the rise of juicing and health food cafes. Our very own Cape Town is a great example of this and it seems like every week there’s a new health cafe or fitness studio popping up in the city. HIIT studios like SWITCH Playground , SWEAT1000 and CrossFit are becoming increasingly popular in Cape Town and coupled with healthy eateries like NÜ Health Food Café, Sexy Food, and Plant, it’s clear that Capetonians are all about that fit life.

Nu Health Food cafe

The great thing about this conscious movement towards a healthier lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise, is that instead of focusing on being ‘skinny’ or living up to unrealistic ideals of what we should look like on the outside, this new trend appears to be pushing us towards a lifestyle that doesn’t just focus on being skinny and fit on the outside, but rather on all-round health. That’s right in 2017, having a healthy body AND mind is the way to go. Whether you’re fueling your body with superfoods from a range of new health shops and healthy restaurants, partaking in an evening class of yoga, or making your way to a Switch class to get those endorphins flowing… Cape Town has SO much to offer. It has become so ingrained in how society lives and works, that it is nearly impossible for you and your friends to miss out on being part of this exciting new trend of healthy living.

One studio that is really taking this new idea to heart, and one of my favourite classes I recently discovered, is SWITCH Playground. My mind was completely blown the first time I went to one of these classes. I would never have thought exercising could be so exhilarating. I’ve always gone to Virgin Active classes like the Grid, and 24, which definitely get those muscles screaming, but never before have I really enjoyed feeling the burn a much as I did at SWITCH. This spot does things a little different than your ordinary gym – I’m talking disco lights, in a dark studio, with a DJ, playing music that delights your eardrums. But that’s not all, the brainchild of SWEAT1000 founder Steve Uria, this unique workout space offers those who are looking for something different an incredible new fitness programme that combines carefully selected aspects of cardiovascular training, functional training, boxing, plyometric training, core stability and power-flow yoga to create a perfectly balanced playground for the body and soul. SWITCH Playground has studios in both Cape Town and Joburg (find out more here or check out this video to understand the craze).

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Yes, it’s official, the healthy lifestyle fitness craze has taken the world by storm… and I think we’re all ready to dance in the rain. Whether you’re a working woman, a student, or a mother, being healthy has become an easier choice to make. We have the most outstanding facilities and classes at our disposal to get the good juices flowing. And mentally, I think we all feel our fitness woes slipping away, with the help of a new mindset towards healthy living. Each new class attempted, and each smoothie gulped down, makes it nearly impossible to ignore the influential movement that has been happening throughout the globe. 2017 poses numerous challenges for everyone, but getting on board with this new movement will reboot your mindset to make it impossible to not achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

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