You Have to Try These Deliciously Unusual Desserts at Zepi Grill & Bar [Review]

Sunsquare Cape Town Gardens Dessert

Tsogo Sun is on a mission to change Capetonian’s perception of hotel restaurants by inviting locals in to revel in the spaces often only enjoyed by tourists. Zepi Bar & Grill, in the Tsogo Sun owned Sunsquare Cape Town, Gardens is doing a fine job of bringing hotel restaurants right back into the limelight with the introduction of a super unusual dessert menu that is sure to have locals flooding through the door this winter. These creations by Executive Chef, Peter Lakay and his team are nothing short of brilliant and there’s no doubt you’ll want to (and must) try them all.

Because life is too short not to eat dessert I went all in and tried not one but three of the incredible desserts on the menu at Zepi. First up was a rather bold take on the traditional “Egg and Soldiers”. No, they’re not serving boiled eggs for dessert but rather the chef and his team have created an alluring dessert using a sterilised duck egg filled with a perfectly set Crème brûlée. On the side, you’ll find freshly baked shortbread fingers to dip into your creamy brûlée. This creative dessert brings a little bit of childhood fun to the dinner table and the combination of the creamy, gooey brûlée with the crunch of the shortbread makes this dish something to be remembered.

Sunsquare Cape Town Gardens Dessert
Cinnamon Smoked Cuban chocolate cigars

But the fun didn’t stop there, I also tried Cinnamon Smoked Cuban chocolate cigars. Made with the finest rolled dark chocolate, the cigars are filled with Tiramisu and are a great way to end off your meal if you’re not looking for something too big or heavy after a meal. I would recommend enjoying it along with a cup of coffee after dinner. I adore dark chocolate and this dessert, with its decadently dark flavour combinations, had my taste buds reeling. You don’t have to be a masterchef to know that dark chocolate and coffee flavoured Tiramisu go hand in hand and this dish definitely adds a touch of fun and a little bit of class to that classic combination.

Sunsquare Cape Town Gardens Dessert

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Of course, I saved the best for last – if there’s one dessert you simply cannot leave without trying it’s the Bomb Alaska Suzette flambé. This variation of a traditional Baked Alaska sees the chef splash a little dark rum over the meringue before flambéing at the table while being served. If you’ve never had a Baked Alaska before then you’re missing out – the dessert is made up of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue and is a real treat if you’ve got a sweet tooth. The super sweet meringue was perfectly balanced by the creamy ice cream in this version from Zepi and seeing a dessert flambéed before your eyes is wonderfully theatrical.

Zepi Bar & Grill serves dinner daily from 18:30 – 22:00 and diners can delight in these desserts as well as a daily blackboard specials menu every evening. Click here for more information.

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