The Skinny on Tiger’s Milk Lite: We Tried This New Local Low-Cal Lager

Tiger's Milk Lite

Being a beer lover isn’t always easy. Nothing caps off a hot summer’s day quite like an iced cold beer. But, if you’re like me, and also want to keep an eye on those pesky calories, then you’ll know the bugbear of trying to find the right beer to suit your taste as well as your healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, Tiger’s Milk is right there with you, say hello to the new Tiger’s Milk Lite, a low-calorie, lager-style beer that packs a flavour punch without the guilt. You would be forgiven for thinking drinking a lite-style beer means sacrificing flavour for fewer calories, but Tiger’s Milk Lite allows you to have it all in every sip.

Tiger's Milk Lite

Served on tap at Tiger’s Milk branches across the country, you’ll definitely want to book a table at your nearest branch to sample this exciting new beer.

The quest for a guilt-free brew

South African brewers often use the terms Light and Lite to differentiate between two types of ‘non-traditional’ beer. Compared to a ‘Light’ beer — which is usually lower in alcohol and lighter in flavour — ‘Lite’ beers are usually lower in calories and carbohydrates while maintaining the same alcohol content as a regular beer.

Tiger's Milk Lite

This beer creation from Tiger’s Milk is no different. It’s a delicious choice for anyone looking for that full lager flavour without having to sacrifice taste for the sake of the waistline. According to the team at Tiger’s Milk, a 500ml draught of Tiger’s Milk Lite contains 150kCal.

If lagers are your jam then you’ll love this crisp, refreshing beer with its smooth finish. It doesn’t leave you with that ultra-heavy feeling after a few draughts and you’ll get that same satisfaction and mouth-feel you would from a traditional lager on tap. It’s an absolute crowd-pleaser and is sure to please even the fussiest beer drinkers.

Tiger's Milk Lite

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Even better news? This beer is ideal for creating epic foodie power combos. Whether it’s a juicy burger, mouthwatering nachos, or even a salad, the Tiger’s Milk Lite brew is the type of beer that elevates every bite to legendary status. There’s no better way to enjoy your Tiger’s Milk ‘pub grub’ than with this beer on the side.

Bottom line; Tiger’s Milk Lite is all about sipping smart, and why shouldn’t you have options? I say cheers to beer that lets us enjoy the good times without having to bend too much on our health and fitness goals.

Tiger's Milk Lite

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